About Us

About Us

The Labour Party is now the largest political organisation in North Cornwall, with more than 650 individual paid-up members – and more joining every day.

The spectacular growth of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has made us serious about winning elections anywhere and everywhere.

Labour is already preparing for the next General Election and is ready to select a Parliamentary candidate in North Cornwall as soon as possible. We are also planning for the next round of Cornwall Council elections in 2021.

At the General Election in June, Labour polled more than 6,000 votes despite spending less than £1,900 on our campaign. Labour’s cost-per-vote was only 31 pence. The Conservatives spent more than £14,196 for a cost-per-vote of 55 pence. The Liberal Democrats spent almost as much as the Tories – nearly £13,900 – but their votes were the most expensive at more than 74 pence each.

If you join the North Cornwall Labour Party now, you can help us to compete on a level playing field. We could quadruple our fundraising and still spend less than the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats. But a quadrupling of our vote would result in a Labour MP in North Cornwall!

Across Cornwall, it is Labour which is now the main challenger to the Conservatives: constituencies like Camborne & Redruth, and Truro & Falmouth, stand a very good chance of electing a Labour MP at the earliest opportunity.
The Labour Party prides itself on its grassroots approach to policy-making, confident that the views of members in North Cornwall carry equal weight to those from any other constituency party anywhere in Britain. You will find a local branch near you. Constituency-wide meetings are now held at venues all over North Cornwall. All party members are very welcome to attend and take part. You will find details on this website.
When Jeremy Corbyn stood for re-election as party leader in 2016, 98% of Labour Party members in North Cornwall voted to nominate him – almost certainly the highest percentage of support in the country.

So if you long for a radical, democratic change in North Cornwall, please join the Labour Party today.

Graham Smith, CLP Chair.