Alternative motion from Lindi Barnes 1 (Amended)

Alternative motion from Lindi Barnes 1 (Amended)




  • The Chair proposes we stop using the universal Labour Party Role Holder descriptions and substitute those which appear on Penrith & Border Constituency Labour Party’s website.
  • The regular Labour Party Role Holder descriptions that we are currently using are part of Labour Party best practice. They are found on membersnet under the ‘membership and supporters’ page:–supporters (You will be prompted to log in). They are kept up to date and all Labour Party training videos etc are based on them. The weekly Training Team email links to them. *(See extract below).
  • CLPs may however adapt these standard Role Holder descriptions where it is felt they do not cover all their needs.
  • For maximum benefit, this would only be done after adequate consultation and discussion, and with some input from those who hold (and/or have held) each of the roles within the CLP. (This hasn’t happened.).
  • The Penrith & Border Role Holder descriptions must have been copied and pasted from the regular files some years ago. Careful comparison reveals that some of these copies have not changed (or, more likely, have been kept up-to-date); these are identical to the current ones. Others are obviously out-of-date as they contain old, superseded information.
  • Unfortunately, further to this, our website already links to the Penrith & Border Role Holder descriptions as our applicable Role Holder descriptions which makes it appear that we have actually taken the decision to overturn the current ones.

I move that:

  • This CLP continues to use the regular Labour Party Role Holder descriptions (which were also confirmed as our applicable ones in a minuted ruling at the Nov 2016 CLP General Meeting).
  • That these shall apply until such a time as the new Executive (or any following) deems it necessary to review the situation, is able to look carefully together in an inclusive manner at the Roles and Role Holder descriptions and, if it is felt necessary to make any alterations, to bring a properly reasoned proposal to the General Meeting of this CLP after due consideration and consultation.


*Extract from Labour Party Training Team email dated 31.1.18:

CLP Trade Union Liaison Officer Guide and other role holder guides
Unions Together is the campaigning voice of the 12 Trade Unions that are part of the Labour Party. They have produced a new guide to making the most of the trade union connection at a local level. You can view it online.

The short and accessible guide includes a role profile, guidance on building connections and 10 ideas for joint campaigning. If you have any TULO questions please email Joe —

Don’t forget you can download the new guide along with our other role holder guides.