Cornwall Council Accountable Care Inquiry – Submission from Stuart Roden (UNITE)

Cornwall Council Accountable Care Inquiry – Submission from Stuart Roden (UNITE)

With thanks to Dave Thomas, Camborne, Redruth and Hayle for supplying this:

Labour and other activists from all over Cornwall met up outside County Hall today (Wed)
at 08.00 today to generate support for their stance against ACO’s. Public support was brilliant as ever.

We went in to the final Accountable Care System Inquiry Meeting at 10.00 and after a slow start,
Stuart Roden, Regional Officer from Unite who was there with two colleagues, gave evidence to the Inquiry.

He managed to give the first bit of common sense we had herd through the whole inquiry process, and whilst not putting
down ACO’s, gave strong evidence why it should not be implemented.

He started off by saying that for the last 20 years, Cornwall has been underfunded by about £19 million due to the
fact that in the pay sector, Cornwall is on the bottom of the scale. Simply to ignore this and continue down the ACO
path without a remedy first is a folly. The presentation by Stuart and colleague Johnathan lasted an hour.

I managed to get some notes from Stuart after his presentation and I have simply scanned them
in (and attached them) here as they were presented to me.

In Solidarity

Dave Thomas
Campaign Coordinator,
Camborne, Redruth & Hayle CLP

Click to see the submission from Stuart Roden, UNITE Regional Officer.
Stuart Roden Submission