Each school will see at least a small cash increase?

Each school will see at least a small cash increase?

“with the national funding formula, each school will see at least a small cash increase”

Chris Belfield again: “This is not true. The national funding formula states that no school will be attributed less than a 0.5 per cent increase per year.

“However, this funding is allocated to local authorities rather than directly to schools. Local authorities then decide how to allocate funding to schools using their own formulae.

“Under current proposals, a local authority can provide a maximum cut of 1.5 per cent per pupil to a school (this is known as the Minimum Funding Guarantee). This cut could be the result of changing characteristics of the school – such as fewer students from deprived backgrounds.”

The Department for Education told FactCheck: “We’ve always been clear that local authorities will decide what each school should get during the transitional period, as we have not legislated [for the national funding formula], and that this will be dependent on pupil characteristics.

“However our formula will allocate every school a cash increase and LAs will receive funding according to this formula. For the cash increases for each school, you can find detail in our formula impact statement [here].”

So some schools will see a cash-terms increase in their budgets, but some may see funding cut, depending on what local authorities decide. Mr Hinds’ predecessor, Justine Greening, was more careful in her description of the policy back in July.

She said: “Fairer schools funding… will ensure every local authority is in a position to give schools a cash increase through the new formula.”

In other words, she acknowledged that whether individual schools get a cash increase would be up to local authorities. That’s quite different to Mr Hinds’ assertion, which strongly implies that every school would be guaranteed a cash-terms rise.