From SE Cornwall CLP – Rest in peace our dear comrade, Ruth Wilson

From SE Cornwall CLP – Rest in peace our dear comrade, Ruth Wilson

Dear All,
In case you would like to send details of Ruth’s funeral to anyone in your CLPs who might be interested, here’s a copy of our broadcast to our members. Everyone is welcome.
many thanks
Lesley Carty
Acting Secretary, SE Cornwall CLP

Funeral 27th Jan, Pensilva View this email in your browser

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we share news of the passing of our beloved Chair Ruth Wilson. Ruth was surrounded by love and kindness in her last moments as was her wish, she left us peacefully and pain free.
The funeral is to be held in Pensilva on Saturday 27th January – details are in the message from Ruth’s family and close friends below.

Rest in peace our dear comrade.

Dear Friends
Ruth Wilson died peacefully on Wednesday 17th January, her funeral will take place on Saturday 27th January. As far as possible we are following Ruth’s wishes. the main ceremony will be indoors at Millennium House, Pensilva with a short interment at Pentiddy Natural Burials, Pensilva. This will be followed by a pot luck funeral feast back at Millennium House. Below is a timetable, times may waver some from this! Kate Ennor will be celebrant. You are welcome to join us for all or part of the day.

10.00 Gather to carry Ruth’s casket from Kenwyn to Millennium House (map) which is down the road in the village.
10.30 – 11.30 Ceremony / celebration at Millennium House. People from various area of Ruth’s life have been invited to speak.
11.30 Leave Millennium house, walk or drive to Pentiddy (map) with Ruth’s casket.
12.15 brief interment with appropriate words at Pentiddy Green Burial ground, 15 minutes, those who wish to can stay with the gravedigger to fill in the grave – bring own spades/shovels
From 13.00 Wake / Funeral “Tea” Pot luck feast.

Bring memories and photos of Ruth to display in Millennium House and food ready to share.
Small biodegradable items can be placed in the grave, e.g. small messages about/to Ruth on paper.
In lieu of flowers, donations to The Growing Project, British Dalmatian Welfare and Confortia (Natural Burial Charity.)
Help with decorating the Millenium Centre at 9a.m. on the day of the funeral are welcome’
Banners and music for procession welcome.

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