Jews who disagree with me are anti-Semitic cranks, says Cornwall councillor

Jews who disagree with me are anti-Semitic cranks, says Cornwall councillor

15th July 2019

By Anne North

A Cornwall councillor who runs an“anti-Semitism” Facebook campaign has described Jewish people who disagree with him as “cranks.”

Penzance councillor Tim Dwelly, who resigned from the Labour Party last year after numerous policy disagreements, was appearing on the BBC Politics South West programme yesterday (Sunday.)  He has sent a “dossier” of allegations about anti-Semitism to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The BBC programme also interviewed Labour’s Jennifer Forbes, the party’s candidate for the Truro and Falmouth constituency, who criticised a recent Panorama programme for its failure to reflect the views of Jewish people who support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and who are critical of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

The Jewish Voices for Labour organisation, for example, has also condemned the Panorama programme, saying “the BBC has reached a new low point in its retreat from its once praised tradition of impartiality.”

But Mr Dwelly, whose Facebook campaign pays little attention to far-Right organisations and attacks mainly

Labour Party members, dismissed such views.

“Those are just a small number of really quite cranky people, including Holocaust deniers,” he said.

Ms Forbes said the Panorama programme had been unbalanced and offensive, failing also to report how Labour’s disciplinary processes had improved since Mr Corbyn became leader.

Disclosure: Cornwall Reports editor Graham Smith is also chair of the North Cornwall constituency Labour Party

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