Labour Party Review – Women’s Conference – Suggested Submissions

Labour Party Review – Women’s Conference – Suggested Submissions

Suggested submissions for the Labour Party Democracy Review on Women’s Conference

1. A Standalone Conference

– A two-day Spring Annual Women’s Conference (AWC)

2. A Delegate Conference.

– Each CLP to be entitled to one delegate plus additional delegates to ensure a diverse and inclusive conference

– Delegates to be elected by Women Members, at a meeting to which all Women Members are invited and where they can vote

3. Non-voting Visitors

– Up to the capacity of the venue

4. Motions and Rule Changes from CLPs

– Each CLP entitled to send one motion and one rule change on topics relevant to Women Members

– Both to be selected by Women Members of a CLP on the same basis by which delegates are elected

– The motion need not be ‘contemporary’

– Both motion and the rule change go to the next occurring AWC.

5. A Policy-making Conference

– Motions and rule changes are debated and voted on

– At least one motion and one rule change to be sent for debate at the Labour Party Annual Conference (LPAC) later the same year

– Rule changes passed by AWC on the organisation of AWC itself to be effective immediately without going to LPAC

6. Timely Notification

– to CLP Secretaries and Women’s Officers (alongside info for LPAC) about procedures, fees, deadlines and help with travel costs

7. Under-represented groups of women

– Removal of barriers to participation

– Disability access to all conference areas

– Support for carers (if appropriate, a crèche)

8. Activities

– A range to include policy debates, keynote speakers and fringes

– A balance that does not impinge on the main business of debating and passing motions

– catering to be reasonably priced and plentiful

9. Special arrangements are needed for 2018

– There is insufficient time to organise a standalone in spring 2018 and cancel the one-day AWC planned for September

– There is a proposal from the Democracy Review to hold a specific event to maximise input from Women Members to the Democracy Review – this would be most helpful.

10. Two events in 2018

A Women’s Democracy Day in about May 2018

– To debate the future organisation of Annual Women’s Conferences with input from views submitted to the Democracy Review

– A delegate conference to give it legitimacy and its decisions weight, with delegates chosen as for AWC.

– Visitors up to the capacity of the accommodation

– Decisions will feed into the Democracy Review documents, AWC 2018 and LPAC 2018

– In addition, a debate on other structures, e.g. Regional Delegate-based Women’s Conferences (accessible and interactive events for the women of the region), and the role and status of Women’s Forums

A One-day AWC in September 2018

– To be organised entirely as indicated above for the two-day conference, as to delegates, visitors, motions, policy-making, notification, Under-represented groups of women and activities; except that there would be no rule changes from CLPs in 2018, because the standing orders etc. would not yet be in place.

– a space left in the agenda of the immediately following LPAC for one motion from AWC to be debated and voted on there.

11. Resources

– While the organisation of these two events for 2018 will place additional demands on party resources, it is reasonable that part of the additional income the party receives from our increased membership should be used to encourage member participation and democracy. If our trade union colleagues were also willing to contribute resources we would be most grateful.

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