Labour’s contest to select Truro & Falmouth candidate now wide open

Labour’s contest to select Truro & Falmouth candidate now wide open

22nd March 2018

By Graham Smith

The contest to become Labour’s Parliamentary candidate in the Truro & Falmouth constituency has been blown wide open after Jennifer Forbes beat Anna Gillett into second place at a Truro branch nominating meeting last night.

Both women now have two nominations.  Sophie Johnson came third.  Ms Gillett had previously come first at a Falmouth branch nominating meeting.  Branch nominations are an indication of activist support but the final selection will be made at a meeting open to all members of the Truro & Falmouth constituency Labour Party at the end of April.

Labour came within 3,792 votes of unseating Conservative MP Sarah Newton at last year’s general election.  Labour has ruled that its candidate in Truro & Falmouth must be drawn from a women-only shortlist.  The seat is one which Labour must win if Jeremy Corbyn is to become Prime Minister with an overall majority.

Labour has already selected Paul Farmer to contest the Camborne & Redruth constituency.

Anna Gillett, Jennifer Forbes and Sophie Johnson


Last year Labour came second to the Tories in four of Cornwall’s six constituencies.  The Liberal Democrats have yet to start the process of selecting Parliamentary candidates in Cornwall, but former St Ives MP Andrew George has declared that he keen to stand again.

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