Letter to Labour SW Regional Director:

Letter to Labour SW Regional Director:


6th December 2017

Dear Phil

Last night’s meeting of North Cornwall CLP asked for the Regional Board to consider the following issues at its next meeting in February:

  1. In July 2017, North Cornwall CLP wrote to you asking you to recognise the huge growth in Labour Party membership in Cornwall, and asking you to appoint at least one full-time organiser to be based in Cornwall, where the Labour Party now has two target seats.To date, you have not replied.  Can you please reply now, setting out a timescale for how you propose to deal with this request.
  2. The SW regional conference of 2018 must be allowed to debate policy, with resolutions submitted from CLPs and other affiliated organisations.We call on the Regional Board to bring forward proposals for organising such a conference, to be held no later than November 2018.
  3. We respectfully call on the SW Regional Board to consider changing its title, back to its original South West Regional Executive, to properly reflect its role in organising and campaigning for a membership-based political organisation.
  4. We further call on the South West Regional Board to consider changing the job title of the Regional Director, back to its original Regional Secretary, to properly reflect that role’s primary function as the servant, and not the master, of Labour Party members in the South West.

Merry Christmas

Pat Richens, Secretary

Graham Smith, Chair


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