Local schoolchildren to be denied bus passes

Local schoolchildren to be denied bus passes

A recent decision by Cornwall Council will mean parents living in Delabole with children attending Sir James Smith School this new academic year, will not have the bus passes they need to get their kids to school. Instead, it seems that pupils from as young as 11 will be expected to walk to school, along a route that is remote and dangerous.

For some children that means a 7am start in order to get to school on time. Over the winter months, that means leaving home in the dark, on a road where the speed limit is 60 miles and subject to flooding! By the time some have walked almost 3 miles to get to school, they will be wet and exhausted – not exactly ready to start the school day.

Today we hope you can join us at the Sir James Smith Car Park at 2.30pm where Spotlight will be there to meet and talk with parents who need help to highlight the problem. If you are unable to meet us at the car park, we would really appreciate your support if you could come along later to Delabole Park, post office end, at 3.30pm. Even if your child or grandchild won’t be affected this year, they may well be in the years to come.

Joy Bassett, Membership Secretary

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