Minutes of Cornwall LCF – 20th Jan 2018

Minutes of Cornwall LCF – 20th Jan 2018

Held at Falmouth Bowling Club, Tregenver Road, Falmouth

Minutes produced by Martin Menear, LCF Secretary

1. Respects were paid to Ruth Wilson, chair of SE Cornwall CLP who passed away this week. A minute silence was held. Funeral Sat 27th. Details will be sent to CLP secs.

2. Chair’s opening remarks. The chair commented on the change in mood in the country and the opportunities that afforded. He welcomed the selection of Paul Farmer as PPC for Camborne Redruth and expressed a desire that all CLPs could select as soon as possible.

3. Apologies were received and noted.

4. Substitute delegates were agreed.

5. Councillor reports: Concern was expressed that once again there was no councilor present. Reports were received from Tim Dwelly and Cornelius Olivier. Both were read out by the chair.

A motion from Cornelius Olivier around holiday homes was supported.

Noting the reference to housing in Tim Dwelly’s report, it was requested and agreed that housing should be placed on a future agenda.

6. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

7. Matters arising

i) Concerns were expressed about the organisation and content of the regional conference. Board members agreed to raise at the regional board.
ii) Smithick selection. The chair reported that a letter had been sent to the RD expressing concern about the involvement and actions of regional staff. No reply had been received to date. It was reported that Falmouth branch had submitted a formal complaint and had received in their view a cursory reply not dealing with the issues.

8. Officers’ Reports:
i) Secretary. Jon Trickett is intending to visit Cornwall in early March. Camborne Redruth and Truro and Falmouth CLPs already informed and events are being planned.
CLPs were requested to advise their nominations to LCF exec.
ii) Treasurer: Current balance £499.83
iii) Deputy Chair reminded delegates that there was campaigning for Smithick after the meeting.

9. ACO.

A discussion was held about Labour’s position on the proposed ACO/S for Cornwall.

It was agreed that the motions submitted by CLPs and branches were adapted to create a motion for Cornwall LCF.

Cornwall Local Campaign Forum resolves to:

a) oppose, and to call on all sections of the local party to oppose, the setting up of an accountable care organisation (or system or partnership).
b) Support the executive committee in conjunction with Cornwall councillors (Labour Group) and CLPs to coordinate, collaborate (with) and amplify Labour’s message to Cornwall on the NHS and social care.
c) Feed our local expertise and outcomes of government policies to shadow health office to support the formation of Labour policy
d) Campaign for new legislation that ends the marketisation and fragmentation of the NHS, that reestablishes public bodies and NHS services that are accountable to parliament and local communities – legislation such as that drafted in the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2016-17.

The LCF further resolves to support a campaign for:

i) The £100m debt write off which the government is offering as an incentive to set up the Cornwall ACO/S to be written off immediately with no strings attached.
ii) Increased funding of the NHS and social care nationally funded
iii) No change without full and effective public involvement and consultation.

After a debate, it was proposed and carried that the question be put. This was carried. The motion was then carried.

It was emphasised that we should not lose sight of particular issues such as cancer services and minor injury units whilst we campaign on the structures.

10. Future venue.

There is still confusion over the chargeability of County Hall. The chair agreed to ask Tim Dwelly to seek a written confirmation of the situation and report back.

It was agreed to hold the next meeting at County Hall, subject to costs.

11. The Smithick campaign continues today.

12. Observers to Labour Group meetings.
Graham Smith and Kate Ewert were elected as observers.

13. AOB
Social media coordination was requested to amplify our messages.

14. Next meetings

24 March – County Hall – motions to secretary by 10 March
26 May – venue TBA – AGM. Motions to secretary by 12 May.

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