Minutes of Previous CLP Meeting

Minutes of Previous CLP Meeting

11th January 2018
North Cornwall CLP Meeting

Graham Smith (Chair), Fred Richens (Vice Chair), Pat Richens (Secretary),Trudie Dove (Women’s Officer), Deborah Hopkins (Treasurer), Marc Thorne, Joy Bassett, Rosalyn May, Vivien May, Alan Bowen, Joy Bassett Lawrence Clarkson, Theresa Irwin, Adrian Jones, Will Hutton, Rachel Wigglesworth.

1. Chair’s remarks:
• Welcomed the launch of Labour’s “Community Campaign Group”.
• An additional motion re Cornwall Council ACS/ACO will be tabled.
• There will be a fundraising event at the Swan Inn, Wadebridge on 19th January.
• Voting for NEC members ends tomorrow (13th January).
• There will be a national “Save the NHS” demo in London on 25th January.
• The draw for the 200 club will take place at this meeting.
2. Apologies: Emma Campbell, Paul Bassett, Ray Shemilt, Daisy Richens,
3. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
4. Matters arising (not otherwise on agenda):
• Letter to Regional Director and response were circulated.
5. Reports:
• Finance Report: Accounting period runs from January to September; accounts to be submitted by March. Bodmin and Launceston have already provided these; Bude still needs to submit 2 year accounts. £200 rests in the Crowdfunding account; Marc to liaise with Paul Bassett re password
• Membership Report: Membership is now 646 – down by 19: one resignation, the remainder lapsed.
• Women’s Officer: Email received from National Women’s Officer offering support to encourage more women into politics and announcing the publication of a new “Women’s Handbook”. Deborah Hopkins is enjoying her role on the Jo Cox Campaign selection committee.
6. Questions to Executive Committee: None
7. Branch reports: Little to report from Bodmin or Camelford over the festive season; Bude: Fundraiser raised £85, half of which is profit. Next meeting: 18th January at the Bude Community Centre in Berries Avenue., will consider NHS & Social Care. AGM due in February. Launceston: Much leafleting has taken place around the town. Have changed meetings to 3rd Wednesday of each month. Next meeting: 17th January. Wadebridge: AGM will be on 23rd January. Adrian Jones will step down as Chair. Adrian was congratulated on his election to Mayor of Wadebridge. A meeting in Padstow is to be convened, to assess the viability of creating a new sub-branch there.
8. Falmouth Smithick By-Election: Response to doorstep canvassing is very positive. Labour should hold this seat on the Council. Help would be appreciated to get the vote out on February 1st. Other canvassing events at Smithick have been shared on North Cornwall Labour Party Facebook page if members are able and willing to join in.
9. Social event: 19th January, The Swan Inn, Wadebridge. Clare Moody has not responded to her invitation; Paul Farmer, Labour’s new candidate for Redruth, Camborne and Hayle may attend. Action: Secretary and Social Media Officer – Event to be widely advertised.
10. Policy Issues Debate:
Motion re: Cornwall ACO Proposal (1)
“This (BLP/CLP) notes the ambition of Cornwall Council and various NHS bodies to create a shadow Accountable Care System with effect from 1st April 2018 and calls on all Labour councillors in Cornwall to support Labour Party policy in respect of these organisations.”
• Labour policy is to “oppose and reverse”; to return “Duty of Care” to the Secretary of State; to “freeze and review” STPs and to integrate a truly national health and social care service.
Proposed: Graham Smith;
Seconded: Fred Richens
Agreed: 14:0 – 1 abstention

Motion re: Cornwall ACO Proposal (2)
Opposing the setting up of Accountable Care in Cornwall
This CLP/Branch notes:
• that Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) are being introduced without adequate public involvement or consultation; and implemented beyond any legal framework, creating problems of governance and accountability;
• that there is no robust evidence base to support their use in the context of the English NHS;
• that they are likely to replace experienced clinicians with new lower-skilled and lower-paid roles, and undermine NHS terms and conditions of employment;
• that multiple procurements will be replaced by a single, major, long-term contract to provide health and social care services for Cornwall;
• the draft model contract for ACOs published by NHSE allows for, and is likely to attract, bids from multinational corporations.

This CLP/Branch believes that the setting up of an ACO in Cornwall would:
• allow private companies to profiteer from the stripping of NHS assets such as land and buildings;
• incentivise the rationing of services and – even more concerning – denial of care;
• facilitate increasing privatisation of the NHS by giving private corporations new roles and powers to shape the NHS in their interests.

We further believe that, although acute, primary care, community NHS services and social care need to be better integrated, major funding input is the first and foremost requirement, to restore safe level of service provision.

This CLP resolves:
• to oppose, and to call on all sections of the local party to oppose, the setting up of an Accountable Care Organisation in Cornwall.
• to campaign, and to call on all sections of the local party to campaign, for:
1. The £100 million debt write-off which the government is offering as an incentive to set up the Cornwall ACO to be written off immediately with no strings attached;
2. Increased funding of the NHS and personal social care;
3. No change without full public involvement and consultation;
4. New legislation that ends the marketisation and fragmentation of the NHS, and re-establishes public bodies and NHS services that are accountable to Parliament and local communities – legislation such as that drafted in the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2016-17.
Proposed: Fred Richens
Seconded: Deborah Hopkins
Agreed: 14:0 – 1 abstention.
The meeting expressed its gratitude to the Chair for all his work on bringing this important subject to the attention Labour members and to the wider public in Cornwall.
Action: Secretary: Copy motion to LCF and Region; disseminate to other Cornwall CLPs.

Motion re: Sean McBride Peace Prize:
“This CLP formally congratulates Jeremy Corbyn on being awarded the Sean McBride Peace Prize.”
Proposed: Lawrence Clarkson
Seconded: Fred Richens
Agreed: 14:0 – 1 abstention.

Motion 4 – Postponed.

11. Date and venue of next meeting: 7.00pm, 6th February, Bodmin Council Rooms,

12. AOB:
• All member/delegate structure to be discussed next meeting.
• Add “Community Campaign Unit” to agenda for next meeting.

Meeting closed at 8.35pm

Pat Richens