Proposal for procedure of CLP Structure debate

Proposal for procedure of CLP Structure debate

Suggestions for deciding between two, contradictory motions about CLP structure.

We will start with a “super-debate” which will decide how our CLP will be structured in the future. This will involve both motions being discussed simultaneously. Each motion must be proposed and seconded.

The super-debate will start with the proposers each introducing their respective motions. A coin will be tossed to decide which proposer speaks first.

During the super-debate, Labour Party rules will be strictly applied and nobody will speak more than once except for the proposers, who will each sum up at the end, using this time to answer any questions put to them through the Chair. Each speaker is permitted up to 5 minutes for each contribution.
No amendments will be taken during the super-debate because we are simply deciding which structure we prefer.

At the end of the super-debate, there will be a show of hands to decide which motion will become our future policy.
If there is a tie, there shall be a secret ballot in the hope of a definite result.
If there is still a tie, the matter shall be remitted to the EC for a firm decision (the meeting shall adjourn briefly whilst the EC make this decision).

Following this decision, it will be appropriate for amendments to the successful motion to be considered. This is simply because no amendments were permitted during the super-debate. Members should be aware that the chosen type of structure will have become policy and so the underlying principle may not be challenged by amendments, which may only deal with more minor changes.

Once a firm choice has been established, this type of structure shall become policy for the CLP and may not be changed until our next AGM or Special GM. In any case, this structure may not be challenged for three months ( rule Ki page 57).