Re: ACS Judicial Reviews

Re: ACS Judicial Reviews



Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing the petition STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS 

and for sharing and donating to the two crowdfund appeals to support Legal Challenges to the dismantling structures called Accountable Care Organisations (ACO).

This is to inform you that reponses you get to requests for information should go to me through the petition only. Nowhere else.

What do your MPs and Councillors know about Accountable Care Systems and Organisations? Let’s give them some information. (see ‘Summary’ later in the e-mail.)

On Tuesday we heard that a Judge has given permission for the second Judicial Review about the issue of Accountable Care Organisations, to go ahead as ‘soon as possible’ after 14 March 2018. This is the Judicial Review featuring Stephen Hawking the famous physicist, as one of the claimants. (The first one which has got permission to go to court, is the 999Call for the NHS Judicial Review.)

Peter Roderick , for the second Judicial Review featuring Stephen Hawking, said “After last week’s concession (by NHS England) of a national 12-week public consultation in the spring, Mr Justice Walker has decided that arguments on the need for primary legislation and on transparency “merit a full hearing”. This is fantastic news”

Jeremy Hunt told Sarah Wollaston about Quango NHS England’s intention to hold a consultation in his reply to her letter.

However, although we are delighted with this development, we can not rest because the House of Commons Briefing Paper on Accountable Care Organisations is less even handed than these briefing papers are usually found to be.

It takes the Secretary of State’s endorsement of Keiser Permenente and Riberal Salud at face value.

We know that there are questions to be asked about these US companies and should be asking how this briefing was prepared.

Campaigners have prepared their own academic briefings for MPs and Councillors here and here. Please politely share these with your MPs and Councillors if you have time. A paper copy to your MP’s London address is best and can be found in the link when you search for your MP.

If they are Labour MPs and have not signed the EDM 660, which requests a Parliamentary debate about the issue, please remind them about it when you write and ask them to sign it.

Also a  simple request for ‘information about how the House of Commons Briefing Paper on Accountable Care Organisations was prepared” would be useful? Please let me know what they say, by e-mailing me a short message through the petition, click just under the petition title near the box CH, (not by replying to this e-mail) Use the petition method only. PLEASE DO NOT USE the stpagony address.


Summary, writing to MPs

* Write a covering letter, asking your MP to read the briefing which you have copied and printed. Remember to include your name and address.

*Ask politely if they can find out how the House of Commons Briefing on Accountable Care Organisations was prepared.

*Let me know what the reply is, to your request for information about the preparation of the House of Commons briefing.

Together we are making huge strides. Let’s keep it up.

And if you do not have time for all this no worries, you really do help, just by sharing this petition. 

Thanks for all you do.


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