Report of threat to Cornwall’s Minor Injury Units is “scaremongering” says MP

Report of threat to Cornwall’s Minor Injury Units is “scaremongering” says MP

By Graham Smith

One of Cornwall’s Conservative MPs has described the Cornwall Reports article about the threat to ten Minor Injury Units as “scaremongering.”

St Austell and Newquay MP Steve Double said the article, which is based on an internal NHS Kernow management report, was “misleading and pure speculation.”

Mr Double’s statement confirms that NHS Kernow is now closer to defining the criteria for the four Urgent Treatment Centres (UTC) which will form the basis of healthcare in Cornwall once management passes to an Accountable Care Organisation (ACO), due to come into effect on 1st April.

The NHS Kernow document identifies these UTC sites as Penzance, Camborne, Truro and Liskeard.   Mr Double’s statement stops well short of guaranteeing that the Minor Injury Units at the ten other sites will stay open.

The health and council bosses who are preparing Cornwall’s ACO have made no secret of their plan to close all of the MIUs – the only issue is which sites would be winners, and become UTCs,  and which would be losers and closed for good.

Mr Double’s statement, in full, says: “In light of the recent speculation in the media regards to the future of Minor Injury Units (MIUs) around Cornwall, I want to issue this statement:

“Upon reading the media reports I immediately contacted the CEO of Kernow Care Commissioning Group (KCCG) to ask for clarification.

“I have been informed by the KCCG that `the articles are not accurate and are taken from a briefing that went to our public governing body in early December.  Cornwall Council scrutiny committee was briefed at the time as well.’

“I have also read the minutes of the KCCG Governing Body meeting myself and it is quite clear to me that the report was not addressing the future of MIUs across Cornwall but a very specific matter of which MIUs could be easily upgraded to the new Urgent Treatment Centres.

“At a time when the NHS is facing the biggest pressures of the year this type of scaremongering is not helpful, especially when it is based on misleading information and pure speculation.

“Please be assured that I believe passionately that we need to retain our MIUs in both Newquay and St Austell and will vigorously fight to keep them should they ever come under a real threat of closure.”

4 thoughts on “Report of threat to Cornwall’s Minor Injury Units is “scaremongering” says MP

  1. This appears to make a complete nonsense of any form of public consultation. In December residents were actively encouraged to help campaign to keep Launceston Hospital open and to be an urgent treatment centre. Now we find that decisions have apparently already been made and most of our minor injury units are to go.
    Sadly the powers that be do not seem to realise that travelling to other towns is impossible for many people. It’s hard enough finding someone to give you a lift into town in an emergency but to expect them to drive miles to the nearest MIU at Liskeard or wherever is ridiculous.
    This will result in more demand for ambulances and more time at Derriford, as it’s the only place on a bus route. Fine for those with high incomes who can afford private health insurance and taxis but useless for those of us on more modest incomes.
    About time someone remembered that we’re the ones who have paid in for the whole “care from cradle to grave” package and start giving us what we paid for.

  2. A leading LibDem Cllr, Mr Colin Martin, who has responsibility for aspects of Health & Social Care, today wrote “I asked Sheryll Murray if the Cornish MPs would stand together to demand better funding for Cornwall but she said that putting local needs ahead of the party was “blackmail” and she wasn’t prepared to do it.” So she is saying that the 6 Cornwall Tory MPs are putting Party before local needs. If this quote of Colin’s is accurate then Scott Mann and the others need to come clean. Will they, or will they not, put Cornish needs before Party needs

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