Standing Orders

Standing Orders

RECOMMENDED REVISED STANDING ORDERS – to be discussed at the AGM (March)

As agreed by the Executive Committee meeting 16th January 2018

Standing Order 1.
Role Descriptions for Executive Committee members – the North Cornwall CLP resolves to adopt the role descriptions for Executive Committee members as set out in the attached schedule (to follow) – those positions currently being Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Women’s Officer, Disabilities Officer, Campaign Co-ordinator. We can consider adding roles, such as Youth Officer, Trade Union Liaison Officer, Press Officer etc.

Standing Order 2.
All NCCLP Executive Committee members shall be expected to carry out those roles as defined in their role descriptions and to respect the role descriptions of others.

Standing Order 3.
North Cornwall CLP confirms its commitment to the greatest possible degree of transparency and internal party democracy. All North Cornwall CLP and Executive Committee meetings shall be open to any Labour Party member to attend and speak. Voting at such meetings shall be confined to those so entitled, as defined by the party’s rules.

Standing Order 4.
The informal protocol for communications between Executive Committee members, as adopted by the EC in October and posted on the website: shall be confirmed and adopted by the CLP, giving it the effect of rule.

Standing Order 5.
North Cornwall CLP recognises that it has a responsibility under rule to ensure that all members enjoy the opportunity to participate in their local branch. The CLP further recognises that the relationship between Labour Party branches and the Constituency Labour Parties to which they are affiliated is set out in the Labour Party rule book (page 34, Chapter 8) – available on the North Cornwall CLP website.
No Labour Party member shall be disenfranchised by virtue of administrative failure. In addition, North Cornwall CLP resolves that its Standing Orders shall reflect:
1. That if any branch shall fail to meet for FOUR consecutive months, it shall be placed in “Special Measures” by the CLP and its membership administered directly by the CLP Executive Committee, who shall immediately set in place a “Recovery Plan.”
2. If that “Recovery Plan” has not resulted in a properly functioning branch within a further TWO months, that branch shall be suspended and its membership distributed to neighbouring branches until such time as the Executive Committee decides to try again.
3. The Executive Committee shall keep the boundaries of all branches under review, particularly during periods of local government reorganisation, and bring such reports as may be necessary to the attention of the CLP for action in order to maintain a branch structure which is fit for the primary purpose of campaigning and contesting elections.

Standing Order 6.
Campaign Committee
The Standing Orders of the North Cornwall CLP confirm that the CLP Campaign Committee shall be a permanent body, comprising two members elected from each branch, plus the CLP Chair and CLP Treasurer (as set out in page 29, Chapter 7 of the rules.) The Campaign Committee shall once a year elect its own Campaign Co-ordinator, who may then co-opt and appoint such Labour Party members as appropriate in the furtherance of campaigning and contesting elections. During periods of a general election campaign the Campaign Co-ordinator role shall be suspended and the CLP must elect a Parliamentary agent, whose responsibilities are further defined in law. Immediately after the final submission of election expenses, the Parliamentary agent position will be shelved and the Campaign Co-ordinator role re-instated.