The Elections we weren’t supposed to have: European Parliament 2019

The Elections we weren’t supposed to have: European Parliament 2019

The best laid plans of mice, men and Mrs May “gang aft agley”.

We should, by now have left the EU – but we’re still in.  And so, we need to prepare to elect 6 MEPs to represent the South West (and Gibraltar) in the elections on 23rd May.

Below are the names of all the candidates listed  to stand to represent us, along with their current party  Some names are a lot more famous than others – and not necessarily in a good way.

Those who are avid for a hard Brexit will no doubt vote for the Brexit Party;  those who wish to remain in the EU and don’t care about anything else may well vote for the recently cobbled together CUK (OO?) party. Unlike these two parties, Labour stands for more than just the single issue of Brexit.  Our candidates, as MEPs will work in Europe, to reverse the effects of austerity and to ensure the rights of workers, youth, tenants, students, disabled people and all those who continue to suffer under our Tory “government”. The many, not the few.  Is there anyone, nowadays, who will want to vote Conservative in the Euro elections?  And will  there really be any point in voting LibDem?  Or UKIP?

All regular meetings for North Cornwall Labour Party will be suspended from 1st to 23rd May to allow us to campaign support our entire Labour South West (and Gibraltar) Team.  Votes are counted and seats allocated according to a form of proportional representation, known as the D’Hondt method, (explained HERE). Under this method, in 2014, Labour’s Clare Moody was elected to the European Parliament.  This year we would like to elect two, three or even more.  The more votes Labour gets, the more of our team of 6 will win an EU seat.

Leaflets should arrive soon from Labour Central and we look forward to members joining is on doorsteps and street corners across North Cornwell.  If you think you can help, please contact either your local Branch, (you can find contact details on the website) or the North Cornwall Constituency Labour Party:


EU Electoral Area – South West (and Gibraltar):

Current status: 6 seats, 2 elected as Ukip, 2 Conservative, 1 Labour, 1 Green

2019 Candidates as at 24th April 2019:

Change UK

  1. Rachel Johnson
  2. Jim Godfrey
  3. Oli Middleton
  4. Matthew Hooberman
  5. Liz Sewell
  6. Crispin Hunt


  1. Ashley Fox
  2. James Mustoe
  3. Faye Purbrick
  4. Claire Hiscott
  5. James Taghdissian
  6. Emmeline Owens


  1. Clare Moody
  2. Andrew Adonis
  3. Jayne Kirkham
  4. Neil Guild
  5. Yvonne Atkinson
  6. Sadik Adam Al-Hassan

Liberal Democrats

  1. Caroline Voaden
  2. Martin Horwood
  3. Stephen Williams
  4. Eleanor Rylance
  5. David Chalmers


  1. Lawrence Webb
  2. Carl Benjamin
  3. Tony McIntyre
  4. Lester Geoffrey Taylor
  5. Stephen Lee
  6. Richard Wright