The Jo Cox Women in Leadership Course

The Jo Cox Women in Leadership Course

Are you ready to take on a leadership position in the Labour Party? We want to hear from you.

The Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme:

From North Cornwall member, Cerys Hartt:

“A quarter of all applications last year were from London and we cannot have this again! It would be a great bang on the door for HQ if we had a flood of applications from this part of the world and I want to encourage as many women as possible to apply.”

Please watch Cerys’s video and if you wish to contact Cerys, you can do so at:

From the Labour Party Website:

“In memory of our friend and colleague Jo Cox, Labour Women’s Network and the Labour Party launched the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme last year. Jo was an extremely talented MP who championed women in leadership roles, international feminism and representing issues close to her heart. This programme will create a generation of women who can continue Jo’s fight in parliament, local government and in their communities.

This is following the success of the last round of the programme which saw two participants becoming Members of Parliament in the General Election 2017 and several to go on to put themselves forward for other leadership positions.

This training and mentoring programme will, over the next five years, train hundreds of women to be future leaders. It will:

• Develop participant skills in all aspects of politics, not just in parliamentary elections but our councillors, Directly Elected Mayors, Police and Crime Commissioners and members of devolved parliaments and assemblies.
• Establish a pipeline of talent to diversify the people who stand for election, play leading roles in the labour movement and wider public life.
• Identify and train talented women in all regions and nations
• Have a particular focus on groups who are currently under-represented in our democratic institutions.”

To read more and to apply, please download the APPLICATION FORM


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