Amendments from Lindi Barnes

Amendments from Lindi Barnes

The following amendments have been received from Lindi Barnes in relation to proposed Standing Orders and will be published on the final Order Paper


North Cornwall CLP recognises:

  • a responsibility to support all members in enjoying the opportunity to participate in a local Branch.
  • that the relationship between Branch Labour Parties (BLPs) and their Constituency Labour Party (CLPs) is set out in the Labour Party Rule Book (Chapters 7 & 8).

NCCLP believes:

  • no Labour Party member should be disenfranchised by virtue of administrative failure. Branches should feel free to ask for support from the Executive Committee at any time and be given it promptly.


NCCLP resolves:

  • where it is necessary to effect any changes to the structure of Branches, there shall be full consultation with Branch Membership.

Further resolves that its Standing Orders shall reflect:

  • where a Branch has agreed to meet monthly, if it does not meet for THREE consecutive months, (OR where it has agreed to meet bi-monthly or quarterly, if it does not meet on TWO consecutive occasions), the CLP Executive Committee has a duty to get in touch with the Branch Executive to offer support, and to ascertain the cause.
  • if the Branch is experiencing difficulties and there is no meeting planned, the CLP Executive shall consult with such Branch Executive as are still in role, followed by the Branch Membership, with a view to producing with any remaining Branch Executive a plan for recovery based on the results of that consultation. The consultation, which shall make it clear that disbanding the Branch and redistributing the membership is an option, shall be completed within ONE month. Where possible there should be communication by phone (or face to face) as well as by email.
  • if any action pursuant to the consultation and resultant plan/s fail/s to produce a functioning Branch within a further THREE months, the CLP General Meeting shall then consider how best to disband the Branch and redistribute its membership until such time (if ever) as it seems expedient to attempt to resurrect it.
  • the Executive Committee shall keep the boundaries of all Branches under review, particularly during periods of local government reorganisation, and bring such reports as may be necessary to the attention of the Branches and CLP General Meeting in order to maintain a Branch structure which is fit for purpose as regards contesting elections.



North Cornwall CLP confirms:

  • that the CLP Campaign Committee shall be a permanent body, comprising CLP Chair; CLP Treasurer; Member of Parliament/Parliamentary Candidate, and Parliamentary Agent –as set out in Chapter 7, Clause Vi, 6 of the Rule Book – and, in addition, two members elected from each Branch, and other non-voting NCCLP members as required.


  • the voting members of the Campaign Committee shall annually elect the CLP Campaign Co-ordinator from this number, who may then co-opt and appoint such non-voting NCCLP members as appropriate in the furtherance of campaigning and contesting elections. This co-option cannot confer any role that is by rule subject to election.